International Self-acceptance Monument

The board of the Self-Acceptance Foundation has expressed its ambition in 2014, that they want te realize an International Self Acceptance Monument. Not the Hague where the councilor had expressed his interest and the board has held several meetings with representatives, but the town of Ede got with the International Self-Acceptance an artwork in its community that visualizes world’s  biggest social problem. Dated Saturday, October 12th, 2019, P.B.M. Bolwerk, former director Dutch Tilemuseum and Surinam museum unveiled, in with great interest and in the presence of all Board members, this particular artwork. The artwork was created on the initiative of the board of the Foundation for Self-Acceptance, in collaboration with the designer / artist and some companies.


When we as individuals function properly because we have no restrictions, this will promote the intensity and quality of encounters with each other. Accepting good and less good personal qualities/characteristics, will help people feeling comfortable in their own skin, experience more joy and function better. Why is full self-acceptance so important?. Because self-acceptance is the basis for a human to function and to feel good. It lets your confidence grow again, allows for balance and relaxation and forms a solid base for self-actualization. Internal tensions, which cause stress, anxiety, aggression and other disorders, are hereby not present. Of avoidance behavior, introvert behavior and aggressive behavior is no question, there are no restrictions. Research has shown that in achieving self-acceptance, a phase of full self-actualization can take place. More can be achieved by the individual. This level of need refers to what a person’s full potential is and the realization of that potential. The inner life of a large group of people is enriched, imagination is enlarged what gives us space to interpret life and to seek out for new ways of seeing and thinking. This imagination is the Foundation for inspiration and new ideas and plays an important role in the learning ability of a human. Imagination can be seen as the basis of innovation and development. Personal satisfaction will also entail that feelings of jealousy towards others and feelings of inferiority are hardly present. We get to “really” know each other, understand each other better, can inspire each other better and respect each other more as a human being. This will definitely have a positive and promotion effect in our meetings with each other in society. Accepting your own properties and characteristics has on everyone on, many struggle with their self acceptance. These properties and characteristics can also be defined for a person because of or from a cultural and historical context. They want to be different, or look different.


What in missing in our society was a clear spatial illustration of the phenomenon self- acceptance, in which the visual comes first. The development and making of an international self-acceptance monument fulfill this objective. The form choice is a conscious choice on this basis. This will give the subject/fenomeen self-acceptance for everyone a recognizable face in our society. An international monument brings the subject self-acceptance in a positive way at people to the attention, by showing that the world may be happy with people who accept themselves. Realization of the monument also contributes, as international symbol self-acceptance, to stimulate the ones who haven’t got self-acceptance yet .For self-acceptance you need courage, to regard to the own characteristics and properties, to stick to principles. The monument is a tribute to people who dare to be themselves, it is also “a stepping stone” to a positive decision for those who haven’t reached it yet. People, who have gotten a “new” life, can express their feelings of happiness at the monument. In addition, it is a place where people who are struggling find consolation and support.

Intended result and meaning

Through making and placement of a International Self-acceptance Monument, locally in a municipality of Ede, The Netherlands and internationally the result is that there will be more attention and fame created for the phenomenon self acceptance. Realization of the monument contributes as International symbol self acceptance. The international monument is a recognizable symbol with a positive and professional image. The International Self-acceptance Monument would be placed in a suitable and appropriate location, in a universally accessible public space. The contemporary design of the International Self-acceptance Monument is a derived image of the painting “self acceptance in the society”. A painting that is part of the information film “the art of self acceptance” of the Self-acceptance Foundation. The International Self-acceptance Monument carries in the portrayal the title “self acceptance in the society”. Self-acceptance is the basis for a human to function and to feel good. The different colors in the artwork express the relationship that self-acceptance has on each person. The White heads demonstrate the dare to be not visible in society, as opposed to the large figure. Self-acceptance refers to each individual, we are all different to each other and thereby unique. The great figure has self-acceptance, stands straight ahead and strong in his shoes with his arms in the side. He is confident and balanced. On the other hand, the small figures stand/lie diagonally with the arms up, a call for help, and have no solid foundation. They have no self acceptance, are uncertain and out of balance.