Self-acceptance, basis for a human to function and to feel good.

You may find yourself not successful, you doubt your own qualities, your self-confidence leaves something to be desired, you feel uncertain: a lot of people suffer from such feelings. They’re just not feeling comfortable. This is often caused by the fact that they don’t or insufficiently accept themselves as they are. Can you do something about it? Yes sure! Life is accelerating, we live in an individualistic society and that focuses increasingly on external characteristics. The result: thousands of people struggle with their self-acceptance. They want to be different, or look different. Often this leads to trouble, such as physical or mental health problems, a negative self-image and stress. Examples enough, why people no longer feeling comfortable : they feel too fat or too thin, they struggle with their immigrant origins, they consider themselves to be a wimp, they are often sick, weak or nauseated, they find that they have too small breasts, they contend with their sexual identity or they look in the mirror, see the wrinkles and feels getting older …

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As well as many examples there are also enough possible causes why people not accept themselves. Is the cause in one person to himself, at another person this can also have to do with his or her parents, parenting, school, friends, partner choice.. In any case it starts with yourself, at a negative self-image, it is difficult to accept yourself. Full self-acceptance let self-confidence grow back, ensures balance and relaxation and forms a solid base for self-fulfilment. Starting point is that every person is unique and special. We have pleasant and less pleasant personal qualities and characteristics. And on that last we are not really proud, but we can accept them. And they say nothing about someone as a human being. After all, we are no less human if we are unemployed, not playing football well, cookery is inadequate, too small or too long, thick or thin, black or white … Here you will find extensive information on the various possibilities to restore full self-acceptance to come up with a list of organizations that contribute to this. This site is also intended to give a broader awareness of the phenomenon of Self-acceptance. Self-acceptance Foundation The Foundation itself that has a threefold purpose namely:

  • Providing information on the various possibilities out there to come to full Self-acceptance.
  • The mention of foundations, associations and/or companies that make a positive contribution to promoting self-acceptance.
  • More brand recognition and fame in General to the phenomenon self-acceptance

International self-acceptance symbol

What does the symbol means
The symbol has been inspired by the painting “Self-acceptance in society” from the educational film of the Foundation Self-acceptance and visualize the phenomenon of self-acceptance. Read more »

International Self-acceptance Monument

What in missing in our society was a clear spatial illustration of the phenomenon self- acceptance, in which the visual comes first. The development and making of an international self-acceptance monument fulfill this objective. Read more »

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